$1600 - $2400 per day

$800 - $1200 half day

My day rate varies based on the equipment required, scope of the project and the amount of retouching needed. Generally speaking, I charge a lower day rate when minimal equipment and retouching are required and my skills are primarily utilized in the field or on set. For days requiring four hours or less I charge half of my day rate. Le'ts discuss your project so we can come up with a budget that works for you!


$150 per hour

This is the industry standard based on averages working in the City of Los Angeles. I have years of experience digitally retouching photography both for print and for web use. Generally, I include some retouching with my day rate. However, some projects require extra work in post and necessitate additional retouching costs.


$500 - $1200

I have a few people I've grown to trust over the years and they are really helpful on projects with a lot of moving parts. Generally, my Camera Assistants charge $500 per day. Digital Tech assistants provide the computer and backup for tethered capturing along with state of the art color calibrated monitors for use by both stylists and clients alike. Digital Techs are essential when working with a larger team and art directors in order to actually view assets in realtime. The Digital Tech rate with equipment is $1200. Ultimately, assistants help with productivity as well as workflow and help to achieve loftier goals when it comes to creative assignments.