Photography is a journey

National Parks are like a great lake: easily accessible for anyone to dip their toes in the shallows yet deep enough to never see the bottom. It never ceases to amaze me how much beauty is right here in our own backyard. The national park system serves to protect our country’s most beautiful resources, allowing people from around the globe to experience its resplendence for generations to come.I feel strongly, now more than ever, that broad exposure to our park system is critical to prevent further neglect of the environment in which we live. This is why photographing and filming these majestic places has become a central theme pervading the core of my artistic expression. 

My name is Wade. Since earning my BA in Fine Arts, I’ve spent the past 20 years as a working artist in photography, drawing, and painting, as well as managing a restaurant and bar. The relative flexibility of these pursuits has afforded me the opportunity to travel, explore, and photograph incredible places around the world. Most recently, my work has transitioned exclusively to the world of professional photography. Through my work and travel, I continue to meet new people, to see new sights, and to learn and thrive on the unique challenges each adventure presents.